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It’s Official: Valentine’s Day is for fakers

Remember when you were growing up and you played with your “invisible friend”?

Guess what, Web Watch readers?  Some of you haven’t bothered to grow out of that phase of your lives.

LEGO Valentine's Day Heart Box
LEGO Valentine’s Day Heart Box

What do we mean?

Well, if you believe a survey put out by dating website DATE.COM, then you would know that 80% OF WOMEN LIE ABOUT VALENTINE’S DAY.

We know – it’s crazy, right?  Women completely faking out about fake boyfriends or relationships in order to make them feel special in front of others who really don’t care about who is (or isn’t) receiving boxes of candy or flowers at the office?

Here’s the results from that survey:

  • 80% of single women have sent themselves flowers for Valentine’s Day
  • 75% outright invented a fake Valentine’s crush
  • 13% sent themselves chocolates with a signed card from a fake lover (5% have sent themselves a Teddy bear)

Here’s the nutty part — 15% of the women surveyed said that they did it in order to get the men in their office to notice them.

Seriously, ladies? Do you think that if a man in your office did notice you after this, that they may end up running away from you in horror when they find out the psycho truth about how you lured them in by inventing a fake relationship?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.  You may want to try something less… desperate… next year.