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The Best Way to Mail a Love Letter

If you are a true romantic, try having your valentines mailed via  WITH LOVE FROM LOVELAND, a service located in Loveland, Colorado, located 30 miles northeast of Boulder.  When the letters are remailed, they’ll be sent from the “sweetheart city” of the United States.

The Loveland Valentine Remailing Program started in 1947. It handles 300,000 valentines every year, going to all 50 states and 104 foreign countries. If you would like to have your valentine card stamped with the official Loveland Colorado cache and stamp:

  • place your valentines in pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes (envelopes should each have 42-cent postage; postcards should have appropriate postage)
  • add extra stamps/postage for heavier/odd shaped valentines
  • mail everything in a large stamped envelope to:Postmaster
    Valentine Re-mailing
    446 E. 29th St.
    Loveland, CO 80538

Deadlines for delivery by Valentines Day, Feb. 14:

  • For international destinations, you cards should be in Loveland by Feb. 3.
  • For within U.S. and outside of Colorado, your cards should be in Loveland by Feb. 8.
  • For within the state of Colorado, your cards should be in Loveland by Feb. 12.