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The Best Places to Pick Up Women… and why

Cupid costume

Women may find this hard to believe, but single men do think about Valentine’s Day.

Especially since there’s a good chance that they can run into depressed single women who are just looking for a quick hook-up ensure that they didn’t spend Valentine’s Day home alone again this year, with just a bowl fool of cookie dough and a bag full of M&M’s to keep them company as they sit and cry in front of the TV.

Nope, men want everything on Valentine’s Day that women want:  just a little action.

So where should men go that have the best chance of hooking up with someone?  Good thing you asked, because Web Watch has found the answer for you:  the GUIDE TO MEETING WOMEN BY LOCATION.

It’s all in the handy-dandy printable chart, that includes such important information as:

  • Your chances of getting laid are best if you meet someone at a bar.  Because girls go to bars to get drunk.  Just saying.
  • If you’re at a club and she’s making out with you on the dance floor, you’re most definitely in

The chart has some helpful advice, as well:

  • Don’t compliment a girl on her tight body if you meet at the gym
  • Stay away from the slutty, chuch-going girl.