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Pubic hair mishaps on the rise. (Gives new meaning to Wax on, Wax off)

Maybe you’ve been one of the lucky ones thus far.  You’ve never nicked yourself… down there… with a razor.


But that all could be about to change, if a recent trend of specific emergency room visits is any indication.

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That’s because, according to the UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO, there’s been a huge increase in the amount ofPUBIC HAIR REMOVAL-RELATED INCIDENTScoming to the emergency rooms across the country between 2002 and 2010.

Almost 12,000 people have had serious enough issues with their self-grooming that they felt the need to either drive themselves to the hospital (in and of itself a curious thought — would you even be in any condition to drive?!?) or make that slightly embarassing call to the ambulance to come by and pick you up, lights ablazing.

And while some Web Watch readers may think that all 12,000 of those injured people were women, that was far from the case.  Men were almost equally injured as they took care of removing that Easter Grass from their lower abdomen.

The biggest offenders were non-electric razors.  Hot wax was still problematic, but significantly less less, at less than 2% of all injuries.

On the other hand, 12,000 personal grooming-related incidents really isn’t that much for an eight-year span, considering that surveys show that between 70-88% of young women do some sort of bikini-area maintenance.  In other words, that’s a lot of hair clipping being done for just 12,000 nicks being a problem.   What may be a problem for parents, however, is that 29% of the reported women’s injuries happened to girls under the age of 18.    Which, of course, leads to a different parenting question – how would you deal with that situation in your household?  The same as you would any other trip to the emergency room, or would it be handled a bit more… delicately?