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10 Things Your Tattoo Says About You

Are you tattooed or considering getting a tattoo?

If so, you may want to read about WHAT YOUR TATTOO SAYS ABOUT YOU.

First, you need to take into account WHERE on your body you have decided to get the tattoo.

  1. Head or face:  I will never have a job that pays taxes
  2. Neck or hands: I actually cost taxes.  You know, with prison and stuff
  3. Shoulder/upper arm: Socially acceptable rebellious tattoo zone
  4. Back: Warning – 67% chance of dragons, wings, or equivalent lameness
  5. Lower back: Yes, buying me a drink will totally work
  6. Stomach: DANGER – Tattoos here will become humiliating 500% faster than normal

As for our tenth item, that all depends on WHAT you get tattooed.

  • The Asian Character: the many, many things I don’t understand include this language, dictionaries, or how much tattoo artists hate me
  • The Band Name: I have no independent personality or understanding of the passage of time
  • The Sports Team: I have no independent personality or higher education

What?  You just jumped from #6 to #10. 

We know. 

For the other three WHERE items and two additional WHAT items, you’re just going to have to click that link at the top of the article.  C’mon, I can’t do all the work for you…