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How to Take a Selfie

Web Watch learned this week that not everybody knows what the term SELFIE means.

As with many other Internet-related terms that kids use these days, SELFIE is just a shortened version of the real phrase, SELF-PORTRAIT.

That’s cray-cray, right?  (because saying “cray cray” is so much easier and faster than saying “crazy”. Silly kids.)

So we’ve all seen those CELEBRITY SELFIE shots, usually leaked out on Twitter or TMZ. Some are good, some are reputation-ruining, and others are just so awful that you have to wonder what was going through the celeb’s mind – not when they took the picture, but when they thought it was good enough to release for the world to see.

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10 Ways to Spot a Douchebag

Sometimes you just want somebody to tell you that you’re being one.

Sometimes you like to point it out in others.

Let’s face it – douchebags can be lots of fun — especially to those people who feel that they’re not being a douche at the time.

But while it may have been cool to even be aHipster Douchebag, maybe it’s time to hang up the duckface and move on to other things.