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How to Take a Selfie

Web Watch learned this week that not everybody knows what the term SELFIE means.

As with many other Internet-related terms that kids use these days, SELFIE is just a shortened version of the real phrase, SELF-PORTRAIT.

That’s cray-cray, right?  (because saying “cray cray” is so much easier and faster than saying “crazy”. Silly kids.)

So we’ve all seen those CELEBRITY SELFIE shots, usually leaked out on Twitter or TMZ. Some are good, some are reputation-ruining, and others are just so awful that you have to wonder what was going through the celeb’s mind – not when they took the picture, but when they thought it was good enough to release for the world to see.

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So NIGEL BARKER, a famous fashion photographer often seen on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL and other places, has put together a SELFIE GUIDE that can help budding self-portrait artists take the PERFECT SELFIE SHOT.

You can watch what he has to say in this video here, but Web Watch also wanted to share some of the key points from the video as well.

  • Make sure your camera is mounted on something. Don’t hold it in your hand, which can make for an unsteady, blurred shot.
  • Don’t make the DUCK FACE
  • TURTLE to get rid of the double-chin.  Stretch your neck out by looking up at the ceiling, then look down at the camera for the shot.  You’ve only got about five seconds before the skin will start to droop again.
  • Don’t make the DUCK FACE.  Yeah, we said it twice.
  • Women shouldn’t cross their arms in the photo, but place a hand on the hip. It just looks nicer.
  • Don’t pose. Selfies are supposed to be candid shots, not formally posed.  It just won’t look realistic
  • Don’t hold the camera above your head. Nobody ever looks at you from that angle anyway.
  • Don’t make the DUCK FACE.  Saying it a third time because, well, it’s worth pointing out how stupid the Duck Face is