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Top Places NOT to take a Selfie

How many of you have taken a selfie?

(Web Watch will be kind to you: a “selfie” is a self-portrait taken with your digital camera or cellphone. Sometimes done in a mirror, sometimes just done with your arm outstretched as far as it can go.  Remember when cameras had timers, and you’d set your timer and run back into the camera shot?  Yeah, same thing – but for the digital age.)

More interestingly – what prompts you to take a selfie in the first place?

Duck Face Selfie
Duck Face Selfie

Sometimes people like to take photos of where they are at that moment in time.

Parties, with friends, concerts — all in good fun.

But what about when you’re travelling?  Those are good times to take selfies as well, right?

Well, maybe not if you’re TAKING SELFIES IN SERIOUS PLACES, where such duck-face self-proclamations may be frowned upon just a little bit.

Selfies at a concert? Fine.

Selfies at Anne Frank’s house or at the Holocaust memorial?  Perhaps not the best choice of photographic locations.

And the dude who gave a big ol’ “thumbs up” at the wrong moment?  He knows he did wrong. Don’t hold that against him.