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Yet another sign your cat is plotting against you

Everyone loves taking pictures of their pets (especially cats) and posting them on the Internet (again, especially cats).

But did you know that your cat is plotting with nefarious Internet criminals to steal your identify, break into your home, and other dastardly things?

That’s because if you are taking photos of your cat with your camera’s GEOTAGGING feature turned on, that means that anyone with any knowledge of how digital images work can know exactly where you were when you took that photo.

And the more photos you take that are pinpointed to your house, the more likely it is that you’re showing off more than just your cat. You’re sharing the inside floorplan, pictures of your belongings, and maybe even highlights of your security system to the entire world.

How crazy an idea is this?  Not so crazy — especially if you see that information being made freely available on sites such as I KNOW WHERE YOUR CAT LIVES.

It’s just a site that has taken all those cat images you’re uploaded and then placed them onto a map.  It may not list your exact street address, but the way GPS technology is today, guessing which house is yours based on the photo collection you yourself provide may not be that hard.

So protect yourself, protect your family, protect your cat:  turn off the Geotagging feature on your cellphone and camera.

You’ll be happy you did. And feel safer too.