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Yet another sign your cat is plotting against you

Everyone loves taking pictures of their pets (especially cats) and posting them on the Internet (again, especially cats).

But did you know that your cat is plotting with nefarious Internet criminals to steal your identify, break into your home, and other dastardly things?


Selling your Android phone? You might want to read this first

So you’ve decided to buy yourself a new ANDROID PHONE.

Nothing wrong with that.

But what are you going to do with your old device before you sell it?

Android Mini Collectible Figure
Android Mini Collectible Figure


The main reason you shouldn’t worry about Heartbleed

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve heard of Heartbleed and its effect on numerous websites that previously were thought to be secured via your HTTPS connection.

That little “lock” symbol may not have been as locked as you were lead to believe.

But what if we told you that Heartbleed was nothing to sneeze at, and why you shouldn’t be worried at all about Heartbleed in the first place?

Norton Antivirus
Norton Antivirus

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How anonymous is your unlisted phone number?

Quick show of hands: how many of you have an unlisted phone number?

Especially in today’s world of cellphones, the notion of a “phone book” that is printed on paper and delivered to your house is almost laughable.  People purposefully have their phone numbers listed in a phone book as part of being neighborly and accessible, but with the Do Not Call list and robocalls and other phone annoyances, more and more people are choosing to go off the grid (for personal or professional reasons).

With a cell phone, your number is pretty much already unlisted.  Nobody should be using your cell number unless you provided it to them.

And so what’s the big deal if someone had your number anyway?

How to Find Unlisted Phone Numbers (What you won't find in the phone book)
How to Find Unlisted Phone Numbers (What you won’t find in the phone book)

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How do your shopping habits compare to others?

Have you ever wondered how you are doing compared to others in your immediate circle?

Don’t pretend that conversation doesn’t happen between you and your significant other: “do you think they have more credit card debt than we do?” after leaving a dinner party.  “How do you think they can afford all that and we can’t?”

Well, we can answer these types of questions now, at least in Australia, where one bank has decided to post a billion credit card transaction records online for you to compare and contrast your own habits against others.

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When it comes to your privacy, Facebook stinks

By now, you’ve probably gotten used to all the privacy warnings about Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other social media and online sites.

You’ve certainly heard all the news, even if you haven’t taken the time to actually do anything about it in your own life.

And maybe that’s okay.  Maybe it all depends on your personal philosophy about what people can do with your personal information.  They say that kids today don’t care as much about keeping things to themselves as their parents did at that same age.

Of course, all that openess could come back to bite those youngsters when they go out to find their first job — but that’s at least 10 years from now, right?

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How To Find Out What’s On Your Permanent Record

Permanent Record
Permanent Record

Remember how all through grade school you were continually threatened by school administrators with “This is going on to your permanent record”?

While you could certainly try calling your old grade school or high school office to see what they decided to put onto your permanent record (and whether their record-keeping was just a threat or not), you can always check the PERMANENT RECORD website to see what really HAS made it onto your permanent record.