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The Universal Record Database: Documenting Life’s Greatest (and not so great) Accomplishments

Guinness World Records Video Game - Wii
Guinness World Records Video Game – Wii

Have you ever wanted to set a world record? 

Sure, you’ve read through the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS and contemplated what you could do for fame and infamy, whether there was any category of achievement or secret skill that you may have that would qualify for inclusion in the next edition.

And sadly, while there are thousands of possible records that are recognized as Official World Records, there are also those activities that deserve to be included in some sort of World Record Database – ANY database will do, especially when it’s something as mundane as seeing how long you could throw a ball around the apartment with your friends without letting it hit the ground. 

Because until someone else comes along and does the same thing in your apartment, it’s still going to count as a world record.

If only there was some way to record and report these types of things without having to go through an official documenting body, such as Guinness.Well, now you can.

Thanks to the UNIVERSAL RECORDS DATABASE, anything you can do at a world-record level can be recorded and included for all to see and challenge to best.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular and top-rated challenges listed in the URDB:

  • Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces While on Knees and Dribbling a Basketball in Other Hand
  • Most Claps in 30 Seconds While Standing on One Leg
  • Longest Hand Coo
  • Most Catches While Juggling Four Bowling Pins
  • Most Animal Bracelets Worn on Wrist at Once
  • Most Giraffe Tattoos on a Shoulder
  • Fastest Time to Ball 10 Pairs of Socks
  • Most T-Shirts Put On in One Minute
  • Fastest Time to Take a Photo of One’s Son with an iPhone and Digitally Apply a Mustache to It
  • Longest Tongue Extension Past Lower Teeth
  • Most Toy Cars Fit Inside a Pair of Pants Worn by a 6-year-old
  • Fastest Time To Recite First 100 Digits Of Pi While Balancing One-Legged On A Balance Board, Manipulating A Basketball And Bouncing A Golf Ball On A Rubber Mallet
  • Most People Simultaneously Flossing with the Same Piece of Dental Floss

And these are just a small sampling of what already has been done.

As you can see, anything that you can think of can qualify as a New World Record.  Until someone else comes along and breaks it, of course.  But half the fun is trying, isn’t it?