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How to remove Carrier IQ from your phone

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By now, you probably have heard about CARRIER IQ, that software that many cell phone manufacturers and service providers had installed on all sorts of cellphones in order to track how well their networks were performing.

The issue, if you didn’t know, is that CARRIER IQ wasn’t a very well-designed application and was recording a lot of each user’s phone actions without that person’s knowledge.  Now, Congress has gotten involved and it’s turned into a big ugly mess.

It’s so bad that Sprint is the first provider to DEMAND THAT ALL THEIR DEVICE PARTNERS REMOVE CARRIER IQ IMMEDIATELY.  While HTC is working on their end of this request, there is no word yet whether Apple or Samsung will comply. 

If they do, they do.  If not, you’re on your own.

So what should you do if you suspect that your phone has this Carrier IQ program installed (or if you’re not on the Sprint Network)?

It’s easy.  Just follow these SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS FOR REMOVING CARRIER IQ FROM YOUR PHONE, whether it be a Blackberry, Apple iPhone, or an Android device.

And use this as a lesson — just because your phone is awesome, doesn’t mean that it’s not doing something behind your back.