19% of cell phone users have dropped their phone in the toilet

Rubber Duckie Cell Phone
Rubber Duckie Cell Phone

According to a RECENT MICROSOFT SURVEY on CELL PHONE HABITS, 19% of cell phone users have dropped their cell phones in the toilet.

The survey asked over 2000 people, aged 18+, about how they use their cell phone.  Some of the other findings include:

  • 55% of those age 18-35 have used their phone in a bathroom (of all cell phone users, the number was much less – 40% – indicating to Web Watch that those 18-35 year olds are not as concerned about cell phone hygiene as others)
  • 72% said that bad mobile phone behavior in others is a pet peeve… but only 18% admitted to that behavior themselves.  39% said that women were the biggest cellphone offenders, compared to 22% who said that men were worse cell phone users
  • 48% said that talking on a cell phone in a public restroom was inappropriate
  • 43% thought texting, emailing, or using the cell phone’s web browser was also inappropriate for a public restroom
  • 49% of those age 18-24 have tripped or walked into an obstacle while texting, emailing, or otherwise paying more attention to their phone than to where they were going
  • This is not a joke: 69% of those age 18-34 have used their phone while in bed.
  • 64% of those 18-24 have lost their phone someplace unusual, such as in the refrigerator or between the sofa cushions
  • 24% of 18-24 cell phone users have no idea how to put their phones on “vibrate”, thereby interrupting a special event with the ringer
  • 90% said that cellphones should not be used in church, or at funerals, wakes, or graveside.
  • 85% said that cellphone usage on romantic dates was inappropriate… but 24% have used their phones on a date (with 40% being those under 24 years old)
  • 82% said that cell phones should not be used at weddings

 If case you were wondering, this was a telephone survey.