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How many languages can you name?

Like you, Web Watch has taken many many years of foreign language classes in school.

Sadly, after five years of Spanish and three years of French, we still can’t read a menu in those fancy restaurants.  Web Watch is not a good example of how to succeed in foreign language studies.

But perhaps you have a better ear for language than we do.

Berlitz Italian Premier
Berlitz Italian Premier

And that’s why Web Watch will encourage you to participate in the GREAT LANGUAGE QUIZ

All you need to do is listen to the clip of a conversation and guess (select?) the name of the language being spoken.

As the page says, “Amongst the thousands of languages spoken across the word, here are just seventy. How many can you distinguish between?”

And if you were wondering – the most frequently correct language selected is FRENCH, while the most difficult language to determine is KANNADA.

No, Kannada is not the official language of Canada.  That would be silly.