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Cowtipping 101: How to tip a cow

Have you ever gone cowtipping?

Do you know someone who has gone cow tipping?

If you found yourself in a position where you needed to tip a cow over, would you know how to do it?


Cow Tipping
Cow Tipping

These are the questions that MODERN FARMER MAGAZINE recently asked, and the answers may surprise you:

  • Cowtipping is a myth. Not one farmer surveyed has ever found his cows mysteriously tipped over in the field
  • Have you ever seen a YOUTUBE video for a successful cowtipping?  No, you haven’t.
  • Have you ever tried to SNEAK UP ON A COW in a pasture?  Not exactly easy to do.
  • Tipping a 1,400-pound animal requires a bit more force than a single person could exert.  One study suggested that you’ll need at least five people to have the combined strength needed to tip a cow over.  It’s all about physics, people. Physics.
  • Cows do not sleep while standing

But even with all that, here’s a video that explains the cow tipping process: