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Top Five Unhappiest Places to Work

Are you happy at work?

Maybe Web Watch should ask the question a different way: does your job make you happy?  Are you happy to GO to work?

Or are you happy to have any job at all, regardless of what it is?

The Art of Happiness at Work
The Art of Happiness at Work

Well, according to a RECENT SURVEY BY, it may not be the JOB that you have that’s making you unhappy.

It could just be where your job is located that is a bit depressing.

Apparently, no matter how wonderful a town Boulder, Colorado can be (and Web Watch knows, we really like visiting out there), those who WORK in Boulder are kinda fed up with the place in terms of working environment and job opportunities.   Don’t misinterpret this — those who LIVE in Boulder absolutely LOVE living in Boulder.

They just hate working there.

And those who don’t live in Boulder but make that Boulder commute — they’re probably just angry that they’re not living in Boulder at all.

The other four unhappiest cities that round out the Top Five Unhappiest Places to Work were:

  • Reno, Nevada
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Fresno, California
  • Little Rock, Arkansas