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How to pee in public without getting caught

You Go Girl - female urination device
Go Girl – Helps women pee while standing

Let’s be honest – nobody likes to pee in their pants.  Sure, it may happen on some drunken occasion, or there might be a little leakage when you laugh or sneeze.  And sometimes, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go… no matter where you are. 

And considering the number of products out there to help out these types of situations, you’re definitely not alone.

So what do you do when you’ve got to take a whiz and you don’t have any bathroom facilities around?  Maybe you should do what this guy recommends in this video HOW TO PISS IN PUBLIC:

He has these recommendations, beyond always using your cellphone as a distration method:

  • The piss cup
  • The newspaper tube
  • Car tips
  • The Bush Inspector
  • The walk and talk

Watch the video for how to make each one of these tips work for you, including one small side effect for having the ability to pee anywhere you’d like