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Korean women are getting the most unusual hair transplants

Women overseas are almost always the first to try new fashion trends.  From France to Japan to Brazil – other countries are often at the forefront of what we’ll be seeing American women adopt in the upcoming months and years.

But do we think that Korea’s latest fashion trend will catch on?

Stop Smirking at my Merkin
Stop Smirking at my Merkin


Guess how many women love their breast implants?

How about a show of hands: how many Web Watch readers have had some sort of breast augmentation surgery?

Okay, next question: how happy are you with your new breasts?


Take your pick: Celebrity Net Worth, Bra Size, or Plastic Surgery?

Sometimes Web Watch runs across websites that just don’t know what they’re supposed to be.

Think of it as website schizophrenia.

This is one of those sites.

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10 Signs You Should Be Worried about your Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgery Secrets
Plastic Surgery Secrets – Questions you will be asked…

So you’ve decided to get some plastic surgery.  Good for you.

You’ve probably put a lot of thought into what work you’re going to get done, whether it be a face lift, tummy tuck, boob job, calf implants, or tattoo removal.

But how did you pick your plastic surgeon?  Did you go with the one that your insurance agent recommended?  The one that all your friends used?  Or the one that you heard doing a segment on the local morning radio program?


Armpits may be stinky, but it’s a pretty stink

Dove Ultimate
Dove Ultimate

Dove, the skin care folks, have asked this question of women everywhere:  “DO YOU LOVE YOUR ARMPITS?”.

Would you believe that 93% of women surveyed said, “no”?

That’s right – women don’t care for their own armpits… yet Web Watch knows some women who love sticking their nose directly into their man’s armpits, just to take a big whiff.

Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But we digress…

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Today’s fun fact: Nipple reduction surgery can cost about $1000-$2000

Nipple Guards
Nipple Covers

We know you were wondering, but were afraid to ask.

Nipple reduction surgery can COST ABOUT $1000 to $2000.  Some physicians will charge $900 for one, while others may give you a slight discount if you decide to go for a change in nipples on both breasts.

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The Desirable Armpit – making armpits more pleasant for all

The Armpit of Desire
The Armpit of Desire

Armpits are stinky, moist places that can be rather unpleasant, both for the armpit owner as well as those who encounter someone else’s armpit.

But that’s why ODEGON is hoping that people think that all armpits are nasty, because they sell a new ARMPIT DEODORANT PAD that is designed specifically to absorb all that stink from your pit.

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How to tell what bad plastic surgery looks like

I'm saving up for Plastic Surgery
I’m saving up for Plastic Surgery

After laughing at celebrities’ AWFUL PLASTIC SURGERY and trying not to stare too much at 10 PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS, Web Watch thought that it was time to let you know THESE FIVE SIGNS YOU’VE HAD BAD PLASTIC SURGERY.