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Women would rather have bigger breasts than be smart

“Math is Hard. Let’s go shopping!”

Ah, remember when Barbie actually said that, and the uproar that came from concerned parents that thought that Barbie wasn’t being a proper role model by encouraging young women that being smart wasn’t nearly as important as going out shopping?

Well, maybe the folks at Mattel were ahead of their time with this.


Why?  Because a recent survey has found that 33% of Women Surveyed would choose to lower their IQ in exchange for bigger breasts.

Over 2000 women were surveyed, and while it’s not surprising to see that 41% of those respondents said that they’d prefer to have a larger chest than be smart, it was that 1/3 of those answering said that they would gladly – and willingly – lower their IQ if it meant that they would have a bigger set of ta-tas.

Yes, women – some who claim to be looked down upon for being dumb because of their bosom – are willing to actually BE dumb (or, at least, dumber) in order to have the Large Tracts of Land.

All because they wanted to be “happier”.

The sad part is that 59% of these women thought that men valued a woman’s appearance more than her intelligence.

Sure, men are visual creatures and appreciate a good looking woman… but it’s what’s between the ears that keeps men around.

What about you — would you rather give up some brainpower in exchange for a bigger chest?   And men – would you give up a little something to make up for your own little something?   If so, what would that be?