Pretty girls don’t always get what they want… but plastic surgery can work wonders for others

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying

Web Watch knows that if you really want to get ahead at the office, you have to apply yourself.  This is simply common business sense that everyone in the corporate world should follow.

But some women (and some men, too – don’t think that they’re getting a free pass on this) believe that they can skate by in any situation on their looks alone.

Face it, toots – what may have worked in college at the sorority house when you tried to get the local computer nerd to do your CompSci homework for you simply by batting your eyelashes at him ain’t going to work in the real world.

That’s the gist of a study published in the JOURNAL OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY entitled Physical Attractiveness Biases in Ratings of Employment Suitability: Tracking Down the “Beauty is Beastly” Effect that says that contrary to popular belief, PRETTY PEOPLE DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT THEY WANT.

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Given unlimited money for plastic surgery, most people would get their teeth whitened

Exercise: Poor Man's Plastic Surgery

Just like many of you, Web Watch knows plenty of people who have gone under the knife for elective plastic surgery.

Sometimes the results turn out well and better than the original, other times… not so much.  Sometimes the reasons behind why the person went and got the plastic surgery are obvious, and sometimes we will never know the true motivation behind why someone decides to do what they do to their bodies.

Whether you’re for or against plastic surgery on others, you may want to be aware of the MOST POPULAR PLASTIC SURGERY REQUESTS made in 2010.  This survey asked over 2000 people about their opinion of getting plastic surgery — 69% responded that they had no issue with having work done if money were no object.  So while the actual number of surgeries being performed is down — mainly due to the current economic situation — interest in plastic surgery continues to be on the rise.