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Today’s fun fact: Nipple reduction surgery can cost about $1000-$2000

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We know you were wondering, but were afraid to ask.

Nipple reduction surgery can COST ABOUT $1000 to $2000.  Some physicians will charge $900 for one, while others may give you a slight discount if you decide to go for a change in nipples on both breasts.

Sure, everyone’s heard of breast augmentation, but very rarely does one hear about nipple issues.  Women tend to think about their overall breast size and shape – but never think that even if they have the most perfect breasts in the world that their nipples may be less so.

There’s even a website where you can PICK THE PERFECT NIPPLE  based on the following criteria (with pictures, obviously nsfw albeit a medical site):

  • areola diameter:  
    • Less than 2.5cm
    • 2.6cm to 3.5cm
    • 3.6cm to 4.5cm
    • 4.6cm to 5.5cm
    • Larger than 5.6cm
  • nipple length:
    • Inverted
    • Shy
    • Normal
    • Enlarged
    • Drooping

Yes, that means that there are 25 different combinations of nipples to choose from. 

You could probably even print out that page and take it with you out to the bars to see who could complete a nipple bingo from the assorted women you see.  Chances are you’ll get slapped a few times, but isn’t a little pain worth the effort of filling out your game card?