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Science proves that if you want a better sex life, you should get breast implants

Women are often put into a difficult situation in explaining why they chose to get breast implants.

Some women do it for self-esteem reasons. Others do it in order to have clothes fit better.  Some women get implants because they feel it will help them in a particular career path.

But there can be another reason that women choose to get implants:

The Scoop on Breasts
The Scoop on Breasts

… because implants can help you ACHIEVE GREATER SEXUAL SATISFACTION.

Look, we understand that the survey that this study is looking at is based on a really low sample population.  45 women in one study cannot be considered a definitive look at the relationship between sexual satisfaction and one’s implants.

But that being said, 80% of those surveyed said that they have greater arousal and greater satisfaction after their implants when compared to before they had the surgery.

Can a lot of this be chalked up to that aforementioned self-esteem item?  Perhaps.  We’ll have to see if more studies come out about this.  So why not start here:   leave a comment below if — in your own experience — you agree with the premise of the study.