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The Desirable Armpit – making armpits more pleasant for all

The Armpit of Desire
The Armpit of Desire

Armpits are stinky, moist places that can be rather unpleasant, both for the armpit owner as well as those who encounter someone else’s armpit.

But that’s why ODEGON is hoping that people think that all armpits are nasty, because they sell a new ARMPIT DEODORANT PAD that is designed specifically to absorb all that stink from your pit.

What’s ODEGON?  It’s a small military-grade piece of fabric that is sewn into the armpit area of your favorite garments, offering additional protection beyond your standard deodorant stick.  Here’s what ODEGON has to say about their underarm pads:

A new small and totally discrete underarm clothing tag … the ultimate antidote to today’s hectic lifestyles which see millions unsatisfied with the use of deodorants alone … will come as a huge relief to those who work long hours or are ‘on the go’ until late in the day, particularly at this time of year. If you don’t like the thought of always painting or spraying on chemicals that are absorbed into your armpits then Odegon Tags are ideal … Odegon (for “odour, gone”) … the antisocial odour resulting from human sweat is eliminated via a teabag-sized fabric patch housing a piece of activated nano porous special material.

Of course, if you’re the type of person who is so self-consicous of your body odor that you need to take permanent underarm action in your clothing choices, then maybe you need to do a little bit more body maintenance than the average Joe.

Maybe you also need some ARMPIT FAT SURGERY to remove that little roll of fat that you have peeking out from the top of your strapless dress or out your blouse sleeve.  It’s not just a little bit of a chicken wing hanging off your upper arm — we’re talking actually doing some armpit liposuction.

Do all this, and you’ll have your loved ones cuddling up to your pit in no time… and loving every minute of it.