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7 Underwear Features that Consumers Demand Most

How much time have you spent contemplating your underwear?

Ladies – we all know that you have segregated your underwear drawer into “everyday”, “date night”, “special occasion”, and “laundry day” categories.  There may be more, but women seldom like to be privvy to their private stash.

Men, on the other hand, have “everyday”, “laundry”, and “not quite laundry”.

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Stop wearing Mom Jeans – here’s how…

Sure, you’ve heard the term “MOM JEANS” before, but do you really know what they are?

Maybe you’re really suffering from Mom Jean-itis, without really knowing it.   And because only Web Watch has the heart to tell it to you straight, maybe now it’s time for you to change your wardrobe… for the better.


Video Fun: How things have changed since 1988

The 1980’s may have given us some good music, but they certainly didn’t give us good TV shows, hairstyles, or fashion sense.


Trending: Brides prefer cotton over silk

It’s June, which means that every young woman’s heart turns to marriage.  And more importantly, weddings.

There’s nothing more special than a June bride (says everyone who has been a June bride).  That walk down the aisle, when the entire wedding party turns to look at you in your radiant white dress.  The music swells, the tissues come out…

All that pomp and circumstance for what?  Just to be able to wear one dress for one time, and then to put it away in a dress bag to hang in the back of your closet until you finally decide to throw that thing out.


How many bras does the average woman own?

Pop quiz: How many bras does the average woman own?

An even better question is how many women own bras that they’ve never even worn?

With women lamenting the high cost of bras (well, good ones, at least), one would think that women would be more careful about ensuring that their underwear money… excuse us, lingerie money… goes to good use.

The answer comes from an online retailer who surveyed women about their bra-buying and wearing habits.


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New high-tech underwear for women promises to keep you dry and odor-free

Knock Out Panties
Knock Out Panties

Angela Newman is a woman on a mission.

Much like the heralded Sara Blakely who created Spanx because she was looking for underwear and nylons that served a specific purpose (footless pantyhose, and super-supportive Spandex), Angela had an underwear problem that she wanted to solve.

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The free $500 Red Star WorldWear gift card – is it worth it?

Rock Star Sunglasses
Rock Star Sunglasses

So the other day, Web Watch was flipping through one of our myriad of magazine subscriptions when one of those annoying response card things fell into our lap.

But before we could toss it away as we do all the others, we noticed there was something different about it.  This one had gift card attached to it.

A $500 gift card.

“Whoa,” we said.  What did we do to deserve this, other than subscribe to a magazine or two?

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What to wear to a job interview (and some things not to wear)

Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?: A Crash Course in Finding, Landing, and Keeping Your First Real Job
Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?:
A Crash Course in Finding, Landing, and Keeping Your First Real Job

Not everyone knows what to wear to a job interview.

Yeah, the traditional suit should still work, but in today’s wacky world of “business casual” or “jeans Fridays”, the potential job seeker sometimes chooses the wrong outfits to appear at the potential future office with.

The good interviewer will share what the usual “around the office” dress code is, but that doesn’t mean that the applicant should show up in the same type of clothes in order to fit in. You don’t have the job yet, Bucko, so leave the flip-flops at home.  Flip-flops don’t belong in the office anyway.

So what should the applicant wear?  Well, you can never go wrong with a suit — unless you know ahead of time that the office is a bit more casual, in which case go with some nice slacks and dress shirt (but lose the tie).