shopping Websites can Save Your Ass

Birthday Flowers
Birthday Flower Arrangement

Are you one of those people who regularly forget to send flowers to a loved one?

Has that ever gotten you in trouble?

Well, that’s the idea behind SAVE MY ASS, a website started by the co-founders of the HOT OR NOT and EVITE websites.

All you have to do is sign up for the SAVE MY ASS reminder service, and when that special day that you have designated rolls around, SMA will automatically send out the flower arrangement of your choice to its destination.  You’ll be able to cover the important holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays — as well as a few additional, randomly spaced days throughout the year.

You know, because sending flowers calls for a special event.

The site claims that they’ll send reminder notices in advance, giving you the option of changing each order before it goes out. Certainly, anything can work better than merely sticking a Post-It Note on the refrigerator to remind you to buy Mom a gift.  Yup, this site really can help Save Your Ass.