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Love Jingles – for all your custom jingle needs

How to get into JinglesRemember Jason Sadler?  He’s the guy who would WEAR YOUR SHIRT for one day and market whatever message is on the shirt that you provide.  He’s been able to make a decent living at this, charging anywhere from $1 to $365 per day, depending on the day of the year that you have requested his services.

Jason has inspired Love Harnell with his tale of how to be a successful Internet entrepreneur, so Love sat down to figure out what HE could charge up to $365 per day to do.

And since Love Harnell has an unusual hobby, he decided to make that his Internet business.

LOVE HARNELL IS WRITING CUSTOM JINGLES, and then publicizing your newly-written and purchased jingle in various social media venues.

Jingle pricing is the same as Jason Sadler’s shirt pricing:  $1 on January 1st, $2 on January 2nd, $3 on January 3rd, and so on through the rest of the year, with December 31st being worth $365 ($366 during a leap year).  January and February 2010 are pretty much booked, but if you want to get in at the cheap end of the pricing scale, you better act fast before March and April fill up.

Here’s an example of a Love Jingle, this one written for the Olsen Twins.