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Finally! A Reason to Buy a GPS – Custom Voices!

If you have been looking for a reason to get a TOM TOM or other standalone GPS navigation unit, here’s an update to a topic covered in Web Watch many, many moons ago:  HOMER SIMPSON IS NOW AVAILABLE TO GUIDE TOM TOM USERS TO THEIR DESTINATIONS.

Long-time Web Watch readers should remember that we covered NAVTONES when that site first launched a few years ago.  NAVTONES offers a huge directory of customized voices for both Tom Tom and Garmin navigation systems, ranging from KITT from Knight Rider to Mr. T from The A Team.  They even have Optimus Prime from The Transformers to guide you safely through those crowded, robot-filled streets.

But it’s the licensing deal that TOM TOM made with The Simpsons that really brings to mind how big a market it is for these types of custom recordings. 

One would think that the navigation system manufacturers would release a “How To” guide for those who might want to record their own set.  It’s not hard to do, just tedious work – having to record every possible combination of number, street, road, direction guidance, and other audio clips… and then upload them to the unit without gonging it.   Imagine the possibilities of recording your mother or wife to permanently be your backseat driver.

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