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Need an Instant Alibi? Try One of These Services

 Ever find yourself in need to a really good, airtight alibi?

We’re not talking for any nefarious purposes, of course, but sometimes you need to tell a little fib to cover a story.

Maybe all you need is a replacement or additional credit card receipt to show that you really were at the fancy restaurant you claimed you took the client to.   Or maybe you botched the expense report by not keeping the receipts like you were supposed to?

That’s where a service like FALSE EXPENSES comes into play.  Just provide them with your credit card and details you need to have displayed on the receipt, and they will print out appropriate copies for you on authentic receipt thermal paper, and send them to you as needed for just $39.99.  Something tells me that you won’t be using this service to get a replacement $10 taxi fare reimbursed.

But maybe you need more than just a fake replacement receipt.

Maybe you need an airtight alibi to cover your ass.

Maybe you need the ALIBI NETWORK.  For just $75 per year, the Alibi Network will provide you access to any of their services. 

The Alibi Network’s services include:

  • A toll-free hotel phone number, answered by a virtual front desk agent ready to confirm that you are, in fact, checked in at that hotel.
  • Can route phonecalls from anywhere in the world and have any phone number display on the recipient’s caller ID.
  • Perform “rescue calls” that can help get you out of any meeting, date, or other situation you find yourself trapped in.
  • Virtual doctor’s offices, complete with doctor excuse notes.  Skipping school has never been easier. (Hear that, Epstein’s Mom?)
  • Fake travel documents and confirmations.  Perfect for car rentals, seminars, classes, sporting events, etc.  Just say where you told people you were going, and all matching documents can be provided.
  • The Fake Friend can call you and invite you out to that cross-town poker game or other activity, giving you the opportunity to get out and do something other than what you’re supposed to be doing right now.
  • Untraceable phone numbers.  ’nuff said.
  • Virtual employment, providing you the fake references needed to help you get the job you want, pretend to have the job you lied about to get that hot date, or to match up information presented on your overly-exaggerated resume).
  • Shopping service – they’ll shop, wrap, and ship any item you want, to anyone.  No need to do the dirty deed yourself.

Of course, if you’re on the receiving end of any of these alibis and need help keeping track of them, you may want to get hold of the ALIBI MANAGER, used by cops to help keep suspects alibis all straight and in order. Book ’em Dano.