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Check out this year’s Celebrity Mascot Games!

The 17th annual CELEBRITY MASCOT GAMES are taking place on July 16th at Stetson University, and July 17th and 18th at Amway Arena in central Florida.

Each year since 1992, mascots from colleges, universities, and professional sports organizations have gotten together to prove, once and for all, who is the best mascot.

Some of the events the mascots have had to compete in the past were the¬†obstacle course, giant bowling, dodgeball and jousting.¬† If you haven’t seen the clips on ESPN SportsCenter, you will this week.

Mascots scheduled to compete this year include:

  • Albert and Alberta, University of Florida
  • Aubie, Auburn University
  • Bailey, Los Angeles Kings
  • Bucky Badger, University of Wisconsin
  • Billy Buffalo, Buffalo Bills
  • Dodger, Ft. Worth Cats
  • Fin, Vancouver Canucks
  • Globie, Harlem Globetrotters
  • Goldy Gopher, University of Minnesota
  • Herky the Hawk, University of Iowa
  • Junction Jack, Houston Astros
  • Knightro, University of C. Florida
  • Louie, St. Loius Blues
  • Lil’ Red, University of Nebraska
  • Mike the Tiger, Louisiana State Univ.
  • Purdue Pete, Purdue University
  • Rameses, Univ. of North Carolina
  • Raymond, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Sabretooth, Buffalo Sabres
  • Sebastian, Univeristy of Miami
  • Stanley C. Panther, Florida Panthers
  • Stormy, Carolina Hurricanes
  • Stuff, Orlando Magic
  • Thrash, Atlanta Thrashers

Proceeds from the event benefit New Hope for Kids.