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The Ten Most Unusual Hotel Guest Requests, Ever

The hotel concierge.

The good ones are always in demand and usually underappreciated for what they do for their guests.

But the exeptional concierges are those who will go above and beyond to make their guests’ stays as enjoyable as possible.  They will do anything….  ANYTHING…. that the hotel guest asks them to do, and will end up doing it well.  

Here are 10 MOST UNUSUAL HOTEL GUEST REQUESTS, and well-deserved thanks that the concierges who managed to pull these off with success:

  • A hotel purchased a satellite dish and arranged with the satellite provider to provide a 24/7 rugby channel for an Austrailian celebrity who really, really wanted to watch rugby.
  • A concierge had to arrange the transport of a pet tiger overseas, including transportion from the only airport in the state that would send such a delivery.
  • A shy businessman asked the concierge to approach a beautiful woman and ask her to an arranged dinner for them.  The end result? The couple married, and the concierge was the best man at the wedding.
  • For a special marriage proposal, a concierge had to arrange for a plane to fly a “Will you marry me?” banner by the hotel’s outdoor terrace.
  • A true sign of hotel staff that goes above and beyond: the conceirge asked a bellman to wear a gorilla costume and greet the guests at dinner, perform a birthday rap song while hip-hop dancing.
  • A guest fell in love with a London double-decker bus, and asked a concierge to help him buy one and ship it to him overseas.
  • A Scotsman needed a kilt, but was unable to obtain one through any local sources.  The concierge found a picture of a kilt online and had a local tailor make one that day.
  • A guest wanted to play golf at an island resort that had no golf courses in the surrounding areas.  The general manager flew in clubs and floating golf balls, and arranged for a round of “aqua golf” instead.
  • Obtaining impossible-to-get tickets to sporting events the day of the event is always possible, if the concierge knows a bellman who has a cousin who is trying to be on the team.  Just another example of the best concierges having the biggest Rolodex.
  • However, not all requests are fulfilled.  The guest who asked the concierge to supply him replacement parts for an AK47 was politely turned down.

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