The number one reason people hate buying a new car

When was the last time you purchased a car (whether it be new or used)?

Chances are, unless you’re in a sales job with a company-provided vehicel, you’re not one of those people who go out and buy a car every two years.

Maybe it’s because the car buying experience is not something that we do every day that we approach the process with a bit of hesitation and apprehension..

Don't Get Taken Every Time : The Ultimate Guide to Buying or Leasing a Car in the Showroom or on the Internet
Don’t Get Taken Every Time :
The Ultimate Guide to Buying or Leasing a Car in the Showroom or on the Internet

Grocery shopping, on the other hand, is a regular routine. We think nothing of arguing with the people behind the deli counter to slice the roast beef “extra thin. No, thinner than that.  Now that’s too thin.”  But with car shopping, we don’t want to take the same confident stance as we do elsewhere in life.

Which leads us to the #1 REASON PEOPLE HATE BUYING CARS:

Aggressive salesman are so effective at turning off potential customers, 81% of those surveyed said it was the #1 reason people would be turned off from buying a car.

If it matters, 73% wished there was a fixed price on the car, with no negotiation process.  Technically, there is a fixed price for the car — just pay the price on the sticker.  But Web Watch can relate to this — how can the exact same car, with the exact same features, be negotiated differently at different dealers down the street from each other?  We feel your pain on this particular topic.

Other results from the survey showed the following:

  • Top frustrations in the new car buying process:  dealing with salespeople (again, that salesperson thing keeps coming up!), the time it takes to run through the process, and understanding the financing
  • 43% of consumers are brand loyal to their previous purchase when looking at their next vehicle purchase
  • The #1 piece of “new technology” that must exist in their new car purchase is keyless entry, followed by GPS.  Not surprisingly, heated seats also made that particular Top Five list.