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I Wear Your Shirt

Jason Sadler is the next in a long line of Internet-savvy marketers who are working the ‘net to make a buck.  Remember the MILLION DOLLAR HOME PAGE, where businesses paid $1 per pixel to have their logo displayed on a giant home page?  Yeah, they made their money (and a lot of press).

Jason is doing the same type of thing, but instead of selling pixels, he’s selling his body.His t-shirt-clad body, that is.

Jason is running I WEAR YOUR SHIRT, and is selling businesses the opportunity to buy one day of social media exposure of images and video of Jason wearing their shirt.  For the fee, Jason will post a daily video on YouTube and, post a daily photo on his blog and on Flickr and Twitter, and elsewhere.

But it’s his pricing model that is intriguing – his fee changes based on the day of the year.  January 1st is $1.  January 2nd is $2.  And so on through the year, with December 31st costing businesses $365.  Of course, he’ll make about $400 more during a leap year, if Web Watch’s math is correct.

He’s upped the ante for 2010, and doubled his prices  ($2 for January 1st) and doubled his staff – so purchasers will get double the exposure by having TWO people wear shirts — one in Los Angeles and one in Florida — with twice the exposure that Jason was able to provide by himself.

He was able to sell out all of 2009, earning about $70,000.  He’s sold out through March 2010, so if you want to jump on the t-shirt bandwagon at a cheap price, you need to get your order in soon.   This is great for promotions that are hitting on a specific day, or even if you want to send Jason a “Will You Marry Me” t-shirt, as a unique way to propose to your significant other.  (Yes, the tshirts don’t have to have a specific business message, but they do need to be XL).