Photoshop Fun: Calvin and Hobbes edition

Web Watch readers can generally agree – the Best Comic Strip of All Time is (was) Calvin & Hobbes.

Sure, there will be some naysayers that will claim that the best comic strip was The Far Side, or maybe Bloom County.  Granted, those comics were awesome in their own way, but they never really captured the heart of what a daily strip was at the time to be looked at 20 years later in fondness for what might-have-been had it continued.

Which is why Web Watch wanted to share with you THIS PHOTOSHOP GALLERY done by Nite4awk, of CALVIN & HOBBES Photoshopped into real-life images.

Looking at these, it really makes one wonder if this could be the direction that comics take in the future. While hand-drawn art can feel more personal, placing these beloved characters into real photos make them come alive in a way that watercolors or large Sunday spreads just couldn’t do justice.