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STFU, Parents – because mocking bragging parents never gets old


Are you sick and tired of those happy new parents who think everything that their little angel does is absolutely freakin’ perfect?

While you can typically deal with them in person – especially if they’re close friends – there are thousands of more annoying people like that online.

Of course there is.

And you know what’s worse?  Those same parents who decide that what their precious little tykes do is worth blogging about and documenting every single moment as if it’s their own private taping of SEVEN UP.

Which is why sites like STFU, PARENTS exist – to take those preaching, My Kids in Honor Roll-magnet wielding parents down a few notches.

Because really – we don’t need to see pictures of your baby’s first poo, umblical cord, or talk about the giant placenta they left behind.

Really, parents? 

If it’s not something you’d leave out on the coffee table for guests to see when they visit, do you really want to be posting that up on the Internet to embarass the child forever and ever?