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Parents – are you raising an Indigo Child? Here’s how to tell…

Web Watch has a number of friends who have raised mature, well-adjusted children. 

Over the years, as we’ve seen these kids grow from toddlers to college-attending members of society, we’ve often commented on our friends’ superior parenting skills when compared to other families we see out and about at the mall, restaurants, or even Disney World – where the kids are literally terrors on two feet.

There’s a difference between being your child’s Best Friend and being their parent, and today’s society appears to have shifted the blame of this bad behavior not on the bad parenting being done by the adults, but rather as a result of the kids themselves being unresponsive and not receptive to listening to their parents.

The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived
The Indigo Children:
The New Kids Have Arrived

So before, we may have had Generation X, Generation Y, The Millenials to describe different generations of kids today, perhaps it’s time to include INDIGO CHILDREN into the pantheon of those descriptions. 

According to the Indigo Children website, there are SIGNS YOU ARE RAISING AN INDIGO CHILD:

  • They have a feeling of royalty and entitlement
  • They believe that the “deserve to be here”
  • They tell their parents who they are. Confidence is outstanding.
  • They refuse to listen to directions or adhere to societal standards
  • They are frustrated by activities that don’t require creativity
  • They are often classified as “non-conformists”
  • They come across as being anti-social
  • They won’t respond to guilt discipline 

Web Watch is the first to tell you that we’re not the best to provide parenting advice to others, so don’t take our word as parenting gospel.  

We place the above disclaimer here as the official definition of “indigo child” is not generationally- or parenting-based (as we’ve alluded to above), but is really due to traits that these children exhibit — we just happen to be seeing this more and more in our day-to-day wandering, and many of the above traits can be attributed directly to bad parenting.

Some Indigo Children may even be diagnosed as having ADHD or Asperger’s.

All that said, one description has been that Indigo Children are more emphathic and creative than other children their own age, and require more creative outlets.  And parents of those children do like to allow their children the freedom to express themselves, much to the chagrin of innocent bystanders.

So if your child is exhibiting any of the above characteristics, ask yourself if they’re doing it because of your parenting style, or if your child really is something more special than the others in their class at school.