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Let’s go meta: “That can be my next tweet” is, in fact, my next tweet. Whoa!

Ollie the Twitter Bird
Ollie, the Twitter Bird Mascot Toy

If you’ve been wondering what Web Watch’s next tweet¬†would be, we can tell you that — at the time of this writing — it was most likely going to be something like one of the following:

  • Compared to Find out these apply to keep their STD Awareness Month says: OK GO’s Damian Kulash on
  • The Football Fan’s Guide to Roustabout says: The Platypus Song Christmas Trends to Get Ahead in 16!
  • Seven must-have kitchen gadgets, and you HAVE to Mouseworks to dislike Lady Gaga? Gays.
  • The 15 Biggest Box Office Holiday Party says: Ever wonder what the day: Sexy People!
  • Famous people would you really LOVE your money on when you bring with your farts says: How!
  • Connecticut tops the day: Sexy People! says: The 50 Types of 2010 says: One way to enjoy bicycling!

How did we know?

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HA! The Sheen Family Circus

Charlie Sheen Bowling Shirt
Dress like Charlie Sheen from “Two and a Half Men” with this classic Retro Bowling Shirt

What if Charlie Sheen was a character in Bil Keane’s The Family Circus cartoons?