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Suggestions for improving your Twitter bios

Eat, Sleep, Tweet
Eat, Sleep, Tweet

Everybody has a Twitter account, right?

Well, now that you have one, you need to follow these TIPS FOR CRAFTING THE BEST, MOST AWESOME TWITTER BIO, cramming all of this into the 140-character limit that Twitter imposes.  You know, like everyone else does.

Here’s a sampling of the 15 tips that ALL Twitter users should follow:

  • Include the term “Social Media” somewhere.  You know, that you’re on Twitter kinda tells us that you’re into Social Media anyway.  Why include this?
  • “My views are my own”.  Really, Sherlock? 
  • Add the word “Enthusiast” to your favorite hobby to make it sound more thrilling than it really is

Oh, and be sure to make your Twitter avatar a self-portrait of you in the bathroom mirror.  Because we never get tired of looking at your crappy camera phone and how badly your bathroom needs cleaning.

Yeah, if you couldn’t tell – these are sort of the “learn to do by not doing what others do” type suggestions.  Have fun deciphering whether these apply to you or not.