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Ever feel like visiting all 31 NFL stadiums to take in a game? This guy did just that in 4 years

Texas Stadium

Detroit’s Hans Steiniger knows all about what it takes to be a true football fan.

That’s because HANS STEINIGER HAS VISITED ALL 31 NFL STADIUMS as part of a four-year quest to complete a unique journey of experiencing each stadium as a “local fan”.  Yup, he attended the games as a local would – in full jersey, face-painted, bead-wearing, cheesehead-toting regalia.

The website that he build out of his experience, NFL FOOTBALL STADIUMS, is a clearinghouse of stadium information, covering all the important things any good NFL fan should know when planning to travel on the road to cheer for their favorite team:

  • Where’s all the good tailgating?
  • How do the local fans treat visitors?
  • Are the bathrooms clean, plentiful, and with low wait times?
  • Where to stay that’s convenient to the stadium
  • Popular places to eat/drink while in town

Along the way, Hans documented his journey on his own blog, QUEST FOR 31, where he recounts exactly what the good and bad were for each of his stadium experiences.

His favorite places to visit along his trek?  Definitely Lambeau Field (which Web Watch recommends that all NFL fans visit at least once in their lives), and the new Cowboys Stadium.

Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego and the Atlanta Falcon’s Georgia Dome were at the bottom of places he’ll go out of his way to visit again.