Love to play boardgames and videogames? National Gaming Day is November 13th

Settlers of Catan board game
Settlers of Catan board game

If you, like Web Watch, love playing boardgames and videogames, then you need to pop over to your local libary on NOVEMBER 13th to celebrate NATIONAL GAMING DAY.

As part of the celebration, over 1800 participating libraries are going to try to set a world record for the LARGEST SIMULTANEOUS VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT. 

See?  Who says that libraries need to be all quiet and stuffy?

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How to win the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion

McDonald's Big Mac: Two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun
McDonald’s Big Mac: Two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun

Web Watch would like to take a moment to salute the marketing geniuses at McDonald’s for continuing the McDONALD’s MONOPOLY PROMOTION.  It combines two great things into a singular quest to find the special missing sticker that will complete your game board.  Boo-ya!

Let’s cut straight to the chase:  there is absolutely nothing for you to do that will affect your ability to win this contest… other than doing everything you can to obtain as many game pieces as possible in the hopes that one of them is a rare chaser piece.


The Scrabble rule change doesn’t affect anyone who already knows how to play

Scrabble Champion shirt
Scrabble Champion shirt

The recent announcement from Mattel concerning CHANGING THE SCRABBLE RULESET TO ALLOW FOR PROPER NAMES AND OTHER BLASPHEMY is really not that big a deal.

First, some perspective.  How exactly is the game being modified?

  • Celebrity names and other proper nouns will now be allowed.  What comprises the proper spelling of specific proper names will be left to the discretion of the players at the time the play is made.  In some families, for example, the name “Micheal” may be the proper way to spell the name “Michael” – to them, that would be an acceptable play.
  • Players will be able to spell words backwards on the game board, reading from right-to-left or bottom-to-top instead of the traditional directions.  Web Watch kinda likes this idea.
  • Players will now be able to play words that aren’t connected to any other words on the board.  Web Watch is not such a fan of this.
  • The rules are only being applied to a special edition of the game being released in Britain – the traditional game and its rules are not being modified at all.
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The Monopoly World Championships Begin on October 20th!

Monopoly Wine CharmsThe 2009 MONOPOLY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are taking place from Oct 20th – Oct 22nd.

International champions from 40 different countries will descend on Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace to compete for the coveted Monopoly Champion trophy, and a check for $20,580.

Web Watch knows what you’re wondering – why $20,580?

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Play MONOPOLY Against The World

The hard part about playing Hasbro’s MONOPOLY is trying to find other people who are willing to play with you.

All your friends who normally love to play games all complain that it takes too long to play, or nobody really wants to be banker, or your rules are different from the way want to play.

Web Watch says that you can leave those friends behind.

Because now Hasbro and Google have teamed up to produce a terrific interactive use of Google Maps called MONOPOLY CITY STREETS that takes the game of Monopoly and applies it to any city in the world, and you can play along at home.

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How to Improve Your Scrabble Play

All you need to do is learn some new 2- and 3-letter words.

In what appears to be a bad case of timing from their reporters, The Wall Street Journal finally reported this week of a dramatic change in the world of Scrabble that took place in October 2005: 


Words such as “ZA”, “QI”, and “ZZZ” were added recently, according to the WSJ.  Apparently, “recently” means “in the past 4-5 years” to them.

Regardless, here at Web Watch we believe in making sure that you are not sucked into the same vortex of bad Scrabble-playing that the WSJ would lead you down if you had to wait a few years to discover that there had been a Scrabble dictionary update.  So here are the list of handy two- and three- letter words that you should have at the ready the next time you need to impress your Scrabble-playing friends…along with the unexpected WSJ followup: