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Apparently, Michael Jackson and a Japanese pagoda have a lot in common

lookalikeHave you ever looked at someone and say to yourself, “boy, that sure does look familiar.  Where did we see that before?”

The website NAVER asks exactly that, by presenting a collection of THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE OTHER THINGS.For example, they’ve found a picture of Michael Jackson that looks just like this photo of a Japanese pagoda, as seen through some trees.  You may have to squint to get the full affect, but it’s amazing, we know!

Some other unusual matches that they’ve found include:

  • An overweight cheerleader/school girl looks just like a killer LEGO robot
  • An angry Japanese man has a face that looks just like a fancy cookie at a pastry shop
  • Madonna looks like a frog
  • Amy Winehouse resembles the Alien creature from the film

…and Web Watch won’t even mention who ET all dolled up for Halloween looks like.  You’ll have to find that comparison on the site on your own.

Now that you know what to look for, Web Watch is sure that you’ll be able to identify other lookalikes in your everyday life.  Feel free to post any that you find in the comments below.