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If we learn just one thing today, it’s this: St Louis residents have NO style whatsoever

1000 Places to See Before You DieIf you travel a lot, then you probably have as many opinions about the places you visit as you have visited places.

But for those who don’t get to see the world for free, we have to rely on others to tell us what to believe.  TRAVEL + LEISURE magazine recently conducted a survey to determine AMERICA’S FAVORITE CITY.  So of course, Web Watch is braving the way to tell you exactly which of the 30 cities surveyed come out on top, and which ones (like St Louis) are floundering at the bottom.

Since we already know that St Louis is the least stylish of the 30 cities surveyed, it should come as no surprise that New York was voted the most fashionable.

Miami is the most attractive city, with Philadelphia clocking in at #30 on the list.

The friendliest city is Nashville, and style-trending New York is the least friendly.

You have to be a little smart to know how to deal with the weather, which is why Minneapolis/St Paul ranked 1st in most intelligent cities.  Las Vegas ranked last.

Denver ranked first in overall athletic/activity.  New Orleans was the least active of the 30 cities surveyed.

For diversity, New York ranked first again.  Dallas/Fort Worth was classified as the least diverse city. 

The best city overall?  Austin.  (poor St Louis ranked 30th)