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99 reasons why Cosmopolitan is the funniest magazine, ever

If you’re not reading Cosmopolitan magazine, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Seriously, their annual SEX ISSUE is hands-down, one of the funniest reads you’ll have all year.

And it’s all because of their regular survey feature of SEX QUESTIONS (“We answer the naughtiest things on your mind, in 20 words or less”).

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Dear Cosmo: Your Sex Advice Sucks

Cosmopolitan Magazine

We’re all guilty of it, scanning the magazine stand while in line at the grocery checkout lane, when those alluring photos and attention-grabbing headlines do exactly what they’re intended to do.

We reach out and grab the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Maxim, or other gender-oriented magazine to start to find out what we’re doing wrong with our love life.

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Six Degrees of Separation of John Mayer’s Junk

John Mayer

John Mayer’s genitals have gotten around.

And whether real or simply imagined — and for Web Watch’s sake, we’ll throw in that “alleged” is an appropriate word to cover the rest of this post — if you follow the old adage that once you have sex with one person, you have had sex with every other person your partner has had sex with… then John Mayer has had sex with a veritable crapload of people.

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If we learn just one thing today, it’s this: St Louis residents have NO style whatsoever

1000 Places to See Before You DieIf you travel a lot, then you probably have as many opinions about the places you visit as you have visited places.

But for those who don’t get to see the world for free, we have to rely on others to tell us what to believe.  TRAVEL + LEISURE magazine recently conducted a survey to determine AMERICA’S FAVORITE CITY.  So of course, Web Watch is braving the way to tell you exactly which of the 30 cities surveyed come out on top, and which ones (like St Louis) are floundering at the bottom.

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The Top Earning Restaurants in the Country

Looking at restaurant ratings is always entertaining, and RESTAURANTS & INSTITUTIONS magazine has posted a few of their “top” lists for 2007.

TOP INDEPENDENT RESTAURANTS: Sure, the Tao nightclub at the Venetian in Las Vegas would rank number one – they have all those celebrities coming in at all hours of the night, dropping $55m in food and beverage sales (600,000 meals at an average $70 ticket does that). Tavern on the Green in New York comes in 2nd, followed by Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach. Yes, there are the usual New York, Las Vegas, and Washington DC suspects… but here’s where it gets interesting: