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The Ten Best Chain Restaurants

When it comes to language, the word “best” is often subjective.

What makes something the “best” when compared to everything else around it? Is your dad deserving of that “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug when compared to someone else’s father?  While likely, there is a slim chance that somewhere in the world is a different parent who actually IS the World’s Best Dad.

So when it comes to EATER’S LIST OF THE TEN BEST CHAIN RESTAURANTS, the word “Best” has to have a bit of opinion on it.

It’s like when you ask the waiter, “what do you like on the menu?” without knowing anything about whether the waiter is allergic to chicken or has a hatred for root vegetables. What THEY think is the best thing on the menu may not be the best in terms of flavor, but “best” in terms of maximum food cost savings.

So with that in mind — and you’ll need to click through the above link for all the reasoning details behind the choices — here are THOSE TEN BEST CHAIN RESTAURANTS you’l been wanting to see:

  1. Houston’s
  2. Sugarfish
  3. Cheesecake Factory
  4. Tender Greens
  5. Morton’s Steakhouse
  6. Ruth’s Chris
  7. Chevy’s Fresh Mex
  8. Benihana
  9. The Palm
  10. Maggiano’s

What do you think, when it comes to nationwide chain restaurants? Who should be on YOUR list of places you’d rank highly?