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The Absolute Worst Video on YouTube

YouTube can be a major timewaster.

How many times have you clicked over to watch a video your buddy sent you, only to find yourself clicking around and around at other random clips you’ve never seen before, until the next thing you know you’ve wasted your entire lunch hour and haven’t even left your desk?

The Very Worst Song Ever
The Very Worst Song Ever

And for the most part, the videos you’ll see on YouTube are usually pretty good.

But what about the WORST VIDEOS EVER MADE?

If only there was a place that compiled — curated, even — the WORST THAT YOUTUBE HAD TO OFFER?

Well, that’s where BOOOTUBE can help.

Let’s take a look at one of the charming clips that BOOOTUBE has dug up for us…


Oh, there are hundreds more of these gems for you to click through to see, over at BOOOTUBE! See you in a couple of hours…