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The Top Haunted House Attractions in the US

We’ve already told you about HOW MUCH MONEY HAUNTED HOUSES CAN MAKE during the holiday season.

So if you’re not in the mood to make money running your own Haunted House, which haunted house attractions should be considered worth your money this year?

Haunted House Business Plan
Haunted House Business Plan

According to the fine folks over at HAUNTWORLD, these are what they consider to be this year’s TOP SCREAM ATTRACTIONS:

  1. Pennhurst Asylum, Spring City PA
  2. The 13th Gate, Baton Louge LA
  3. Netherworld, Atlanta GA
  4. House of Torment, Austin TX
  5. The Darkness, St Louis MO
  6. Erebus, Pontiac MI
  7. The Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati OH
  8. Kersey Valley Spookywoods, Greensboro NC
  9. Headless Horseman Hayride and Haunt, Ulster Park NY
  10. Cutting Edge, Fort Worth TX
  11. Bates Model, Philadelphia PA
  12. Bennett’s Curse, Baltimore MD
  13. The 13th Floor, Chicago IL

Be sure to check out their full list of 31 scary attractions, along with their other breakdowns:

  • Best Scare Actors: Netherworld
  • Most Extreme: Erebus
  • Best Year Round Attraction: 13th Floor (Disney’s Haunted Mansion came in at #2)

So here’s a question for you: when you go to a scare attraction, DO YOU LIKE BEING TOUCHED WHILE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE? It ends up that some haunted houses are changing their “No Touch” policy to one that creates a more interactive activity.  One house rules allow their actors to touch guests “above the shoulders and below the knee”.

Cause that’s safer than “no touching allowed”, isn’t it?