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Fun with mugshots: Guess the Crime

Murder by Death
Murder by Death

Let’s face it. Mugshots are fun.

There’s a little schadenfreude with it as well, knowing that the person staring back at you from the mugshot gallery has allegedly done something wrong, and you haven’t.

And if Nick Nolte or other celebrity mugshots have proven anything, it’s just that some people make pretty funny police fodder.

So that brings us to the bigger question of WHY someone was arrested or taken into custody.  That’s where GUESS THE CRIME makes it fun for us.

It’s just a little game — the site shows you a mugshot and three potential alleged crimes that the subject was arrested for.  All you have to do is guess the correct crime and you can move on.  Get one wrong, and the game will end quickly.

Our record today is 12.  Can you beat that?