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Which Cities Have The Most Expensive Prostitutes?

Despite what people on the street are trying to share with you, everyone knows that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, right?

The Art of Whoring - Adventures in Prostitution
The Art of Whoring – Adventures in Prostitution

Sure, it might be legal in certain parts of Nevada, but sex-for-money is a definite no-no on the famed Las Vegas Strip.

But Nevada isn’t the only place where women sell their bodies (legally or illegally).  Prostitution is the world’s second oldest profession, and it happens everywhere.

So what are the MOST EXPENSIVE CITIES FOR PROSTITUTION, assuming that you can get a hold of a Professional Escort when you need one?

According to an International prostitution website that The Economist writers decided to visit in the name of “work” and “research”, here are the One-Hour Prostitute Prices you’re been looking for:

  1. Boston tops the list at $375 per hour
  2. San Francisco
  3. Shanghai
  4. Seattle
  5. Sydney ($340 per hour)
  6. Atlanta (just under $320 per hour)
  7. New York
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Toronto
  10. Detroit
  11. Miami ($300)
  12. Houston
  13. Washington
  14. Vancouver
  15. Cleveland
  16. Chicago
  17. Paris (around $265)
  18. Amsterdam
  19. London (about $335)
  20. Prague
  21. Montreal
  22. Tokyo – the lowest figure on the list was a shade under $160 per hour

So let’s ask the obvious question: how much is an hour of sex worth to you?  Is it worth flying to Tokyo for the least expensive hour, or is there value for your money by going to the top end of Boston or Seattle?   How much would YOU pay?