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Top 10 favorite teddy bears (“you know who” is “Number Two”)

A teddy bear is a timeless classic.  Which are your favorite teddy bears to sleep with?

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh

Disney Music Video

Video Fun: Let It Go (from Disney’s Frozen)

It’s argueably the biggest movie song since Celine Dion’s MY HEART WILL GO ON (theme from Titanic). While Pharrell’s HAPPY may dominate the pop chart as of this writing, the Oscar-winning song LET IT GO from Disney’s FROZEN has captured the hearts of movie goers and song lovers everywhere.


10 Things

10 Reasons You Don’t want an Owl as a Pet

Web Watch has a friend who used to own a pet parakeet.

We say “used to”, as Alvin wasn’t very happy to be kept in his cage.  So every few days, our friend would let Alvin the Parakeet fly around the apartment – just because he could.

This arrangement seemed to work out well for Alvin.  Until one day when our friend opened up Alvin’s cage door like he has done dozens upon dozens of times before… and Alvin flew straight out the apartment’s sliding glass door that our friend inadvertently left open.


Alvin was never seen again.

Stuffed Owl (Pooh)
Stuffed Owl (Pooh)

Funny TV

The NEW GIRL GUIDE TO NAKED ANIMALS. (There’s a word for that.)

FOX’s TV show NEW GIRL has become one of this season’s more entertaining programs.

While it started slow, with an unnecessary emphasis on the adorkable Zooey Deschanel, it has grown into itself as the audience (and show writers) have gotten to know all the other characters that inhabit Jess’ 30-year-old life.

One recent episode had Jess wondering how to describe what she saw, when she saw one of her roommates’ friends urinating in their shared, co-ed bathroom.

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The Top 100 Greatest Childrens Books of All Time

With all of today’s technologic gadgets and whizbang toys, parents everywhere often find themselves struggling to get their kids to expand their minds instead of simply sitting in front of a computer, mindlessly chatting with their friends on Club Penguin or Facebook.

And there’s nothing wrong with encouraging kids to read a little bit more once in a while.

It won’t hurt you. Heck, today’s kids really liked those Harry Potter books, and even some parents did too — even though Harry Potter really was a childrens book. Even JK Rowling admitted that.

So when the magazine SCHOLASTIC PARENT & CHILD decided to put together their own list of the 100 GREATEST BOOKS FOR KIDS, you knew that there would be some high-quality classics on here.

So parents – we have two questions for you:

  • How many of the following books have you read yourself?
  • How many of the following books do you know your kids have read?


Disney Websites

Visualizations of Winnie the Pooh neurological disorders

Tigger on the Couch: The Neuroses, Psychoses, Disorders and Maladies of Our Favourite Children's Characters
Tigger on the Couch: The Neuroses, Psychoses, Disorders and Maladies of Our Favourite Children’s Characters

Earlier this year, Web Watch mentioned a study called PATHOLOGY IN THE HUNDRED ACRE WOOD: A NEURODEVELOPENTAL PERSPECTIVE ON A.A. MILNE that discussed which various mental and psychological illnesses the Pooh characters suffered from.  Let’s recap, shall we?

  • Winnie the Pooh has ADHD and OCD, has very little brain, and suffers from obesity and binge eating
  • Piglet has a generalized anxiety disorder
  • Eeyore has dysthymic disorder, housing problems, and suffers from a traumatic tail amputation
  • Rabbit, it should come as no surprise, is narcissistic
  • Tigger also suffers from ADHD and hyperactive-impulsive tendencies
  • Kanga and Roo have to deal with Kanga being a single, unemployed parent while Roo hangs out with a bunch of undesirables – like Tigger
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Can you name the top merchandised film of the past 18 months?

Profit from your Idea via Smart Licensing
Profit from your Idea via Smart Licensing

Web Watch has previously covered HOW MUCH MONEY THE DISNEY CORPORATION MAKES ON POOH AND MICKEY MERCHANDISE, and it should come as no surprise that licensing of film characters — whether it be from any of the Disney-Pixar canon, to action heros, to Harry Potter, or to those appearing in the Twilight series — is all big, big business and massive money makers for those who hold the character licensing rights.

But can you name which are the TOP TEN FILMS WITH FILM MERCHANDISE over the past 18 months, based solely on the amout of imported licensed products that have been coming through customs (in other words, not counting anything made in the USA)?  

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Winnie The Pooh gets the ALIEN treatment, and Tigger finds out what Tiggers do best

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (and Tigger, Too)
The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh and his pals have had many adventures over the years, and even though Pooh gets top billing most of the time, Web Watch knows that Tigger is the real star of the show.

Others seem to appreciate the timeless Pooh and Tigger stories as well, and every occasionally we will run across some Tigger and Pooh fan fiction – you know, those fan-created stories featuring their favorite characters.  Heck, in 2000, the Canadian Medical Association published their own fan fiction featuring the characters in the 100-Acre Wood entitled PATHOLOGY IN THE HUNDRED ACRE WOOD: A NEURODEVELOPENTAL PERSPECTIVE ON A.A. MILNE that the Pooh characters suffered from various mental and psychological illnesses: