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The 18 Most Annoying People on Airplanes (including the 0.2% that are never on your flight)

What was the worst airplane experience you’ve ever had, that was entirely attributable to a fellow passenger?

A friend of ours told a story about one passenger who – after a series of unfortunate incidents in the airplane’s bathroom – ended up not wearing a shirt for the duration of the flight. How would you like to end up sitting next to THAT guy?  Oh, there was a logical explanation of how he ended up in that predicament, but did you really want to ask the question in the first place?

That’s the theory behind EXPEDIA’s ANNUAL SURVEY OF POOR AIRPLANE PASSENGER ETIQUITTE, where they countdown all the horrible behaviors that you have to suffer through when you travel this holiday season.

We think that you can pretty much identify any one of these people from a recent flight that you’ve been on.  The problem is, if you haven’t run into them directly, it’s possible that YOU are one of these 18 types of travelers:

  1. Rear-Seat Kicker
  2. Inattentive Parent
  3. Mr Stinky
  4. Loud Talker / Loud Headphones
  5. The Drunk
  6. Chatty Cathy
  7. Stuff Everything in the Carry On Bag and Take Up Too Much Room
  8. Armrest Hog
  9. Overly aggressive seat recliner
  10. Mr Important Needs to Get Off The Plane First
  11. Mr Uses Wrong Overhead Bin
  12. Mr Stinky Food
  13. That person who grabs the back of your seat and pulls your headrest as they walk up and down the aisle
  14. The porn watcher
  15. The couple who are REALLY in love… if you know what we mean.  5% of those surveyed said that they’ve joined the Mile High Club.  More interesting is that 0.2% of those surveyed have done so with something they MET ON THAT FLIGHT!
  16. The frequent bathroom visitor
  17. That person who insist on taking off their shoes… and socks… or other clothes.  Studies have shown that you actually should keep your shoes on – albeit perhaps slightly loose – while on a flight.
  18. The seat switcher who doesn’t ask permission to do so first.