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Today is Record Store Day 2009

RECORD STORE DAY 2009 takes place today.

It’s the day that celebrates all things vinyl and good about music.

Many artists are releasing albums (or re-releasing, as in Green Day’s case) on Record Store Day in order to increase awareness of how these independent music retailers are still a vital part of the music scene.

Heck, even the COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL will be running their own record store this weekend in honor of Record Store Day.

Some of the other artists releasing albums today include Bruce Springsteen, The Decemberists, The Smiths, Jane’s Addiction, and Bob Dylan.

How important are vinyl records to today’s musician?  When CBS’s 60 Minutes recently interviewed Coldplay’s Chris Martin, the camera caught a glimpse of Coldplay’s “Rules”.  One of the rules was “Promo/review copies to be on VINYL”.  Makes sense, as that makes pirating just a bit more difficult than if the copies were sent digitally.